View Full Version : RETRO_VERT 002 ( feb 21 )

06-01-2003, 08:30 PM

just to let you know, on feb 21st the retroverts crew will return with an even bigger free event of music and vision.
performing at a larger london venue with a brand new 'turbosound' system will be james ruskin, ben sims, a guy called gerald, paul mac, rue east.live, jon reynolds, vince watson and a very special guest (to be announced), plus our residents.
v.j team : d-fuse, xmt [ex-m/pt], usagi, kameflage, pancer (dubstract tokyo), live art from japan + more.
once again, entry will be strictly invite only.....if you haven't already resistered..please do so now to avoid disapointment www.retroverts.com , if you have..then just reply to the email we will send you at the end of january and we'll give you your invite.

thanks to all of you who took the time out for the last one..it was a great night, this one will be even better.

the retroverts.