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Electric City
17-04-2004, 02:43 PM
Thursday April 22nd

Deetron [Music Man / Phont / Intec - Bern / Switzerland]
Chris Rooney [Model One]

This week we welcome the first ever Irish DJ Set from Sam Geiser aka
Deetron. Over recent years, Deetron has emerged as an established star in
the techno world. His popularity as a producer has flourished in tandem with
his reputation as one of the most dynamic and skilful DJs around. Sam got
his first DJ break in 1994 - securing a residency at Zurich's reputed club,
Trax. Once reaching this position, Sam felt it was time to make his own
forays into music production and began building a studio, drawing on his
experience as a DJ to create his own tracks. A meeting with Stefan Reisen,
head of the fledgling Phont music, led to the release of Deetron's first
single - as Soulmate, in 1997.

Things snowballed from there. Geiser's production activity put him on the
map, which in turn assisted the growth of his DJ profile. A trip to Japan
led to a collaboration with DJ Shufflemaster (again, for Phont), and pretty
soon the requests from other labels began to come in. During the late
nineties, his work for other labels saw Deetron finding his audience
(including a string of international club DJ's) and developing his own
sound. In later years, Sam's production touch has graced labels including
Cosmic (as Karakter), Ongaku, Intec, Soma and SLS. In addition, he received
a deluge of remix requests - resulting in work for Samuel L. Session, Ben
Sims, Funk D'Void, Damon Wild, Steve Bicknell, K-Alexy Shelby, Orlando
Voorn, Paul Mac and others.

Possible the most fruitful partnership of his career so far is with
Belgium's Music Man label. Beginning with the 'Dolls for a Diva' 12" in
2001, and including several more 12"s and a superb mix CD that acts as ample
testament to Sam's skills behind the turntables. These amazing skills have
seen Sam travel the world playing some of techno's biggest clubs and
festival such as The Rex (Paris), Zouk (Singapore), Ultraschall (Munich), La
Real (Oviedo), Fuse (Brussels), Tresor (Berlin), I Love Techno (Gent) to
name a few.

Deetron has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, but it's
no fluke given his considerable talent and hard work. He's now working on
completing his debut long-player, which is set to drop on Music Man later
this year. Sam's set at Electric City is sure to combine his love of house,
classic techno and DJ trickery.

Support comes from Chris Rooney. A regular at Model One in Traffic. Chris
last graced the Electric City decks back in 2003 with a splendid set of deep
melodic techno. His 2 hour set will provide the perfect warm up for Deetron.

Electric City
Eden Quay
Dublin 1
Doors 11 until late.
Supported by Tiger Beer. Bottles of Tiger e3.50
Admission e10 / e9 with a flyer

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