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18-05-2004, 02:19 AM
Ok ... finally sorted my sh*t.

Doing my part...

Bio/ discog.

History / Bio:

One of Portugal's busiest and most respected DJs/producer. He works with Djax-Up Beats Rec. Holland, Minimalistix Rec. Belgium, Holtzplaten Rec. Germany, Invasion Rec. Belgium, Reptile Rec. Canada, Toxic Records Belgium, Evil Forces Rec. Italy, Fined Rec. Portugal, Squeeze Rec. Portugal, World Music Rec. Portugal, Noize Rec. Portugal, Paradise Rec. Portugal, In.Tension rec. Portugal to name a few!

Played as DJ in events with the likes of :
Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Plastikman, Advent, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Adam Bayer, Marco Carola, Surgeon, Joel Mull, Oliver Ho, Mike Dearborn, Marco Bailey, Space Djz, DJ Rush, Mr. C, Green Velvet, UMEK, Planetary Assault Systems, Daz Sound, Trevor Rockliffe, Jim Masters, Gayle San, Darren Emerson, Eric Powell, Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, Dave Angel, Scan X, e.t.c......All other Big Portuguese Djs....

Spinned in places like Holand, Belgium, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Israel, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, etc...

Sample of 12" releases:

Squeeze Rec. Portugal 002 - DJ ZE MIG.L "BOOK ME EP.", Djax-up Beats Rec. Holland 281 - DJ ZE MIG.L "L's BELLs", Minimalistix Rec. Belgium 011 - FARMMAN "EP. i EP. a", Noise Rec. Portugal 001 - DJ Ze Mig.L "C-U-IN l EP", World Music Rec. 009 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Loud As L EP", Minimalistix Rec. Belgium 18- DJ Ze Mig.L "True 2 D Underground", Paradise Rec. Portugal 006 - DJ Ze Mig.L "It's A-Live EP", Minimalistix Rec. Belgium 21 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Chicago Gate Ep", Reptile Rec. Canada 001 - DJ Ze Mig.L "The Glow Ep", Invasion Rec. Belgium 013 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Wicked As L Ep", Minimalistix Rec Belgium 23-DJ Ze Mig.L "Demented by Deception Ep", Djax-Up Beats Rec. Holland 331 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Happy Tribe Ep", Djax-Up Beats Rec. Holland 341 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Shmakele Mekele Ep", In.tension rec. Portugal 002 - Dj Ze MigL "Good In.Tensions EP", Minimalistix rec. 28 Belgium - DJ Ze MigL"True Playaz EP", Toxic Rec. Belgium 13 - DJ Ze MigL "Drunk Chicken Remixes", Fined Rec. Portugal 001 Dj Ze MigL "Lusophonikz Ep", Fined Rec. Portugal 002 Dj Ze MigL "crank' em Knobs EP", Holtzplatten Rec. 61 Germany DJ Ze MigL "Colombia M' Encanta EP".

remixing and 12" Co-works :
Evil Forces rec. Italy 001, Evil Forces rec. Italy 002, Kombination Research rec. UK Advent Reworks LP3, Squeeze Rec. Portugal 10, World Music LP1 Portugal, Kaos Promo Sampler01, DJ BAM BAM FEAT ALEX PEACE Topaz 454 - Straight To Ya Dome, Sniper Rec. 8 germany Dominik Eulberg

Countless licensings 4 Techno Compilations (including Carl Cox's Fact II - Australia), Shranzworks 6 & 8, Miss Djax 15 years of Djax Up beats....

18-05-2004, 02:25 AM
So the guys at minimalistix and toxic decided 2 recompile my old stuf into 4 eps.. this is the plan!

Daddy's got hits Vol 1/3

A1 Messy As L. (MN18 B1)

A2 F.I. Genio (MN11 A2)

B1 Mind yer manners (Auralizer vs Dexter W. Rmx) (Fined)

B2 Mind yer manners (orig)

Daddy's got hits Vol 2/3

A1 Bizz-E Turmoil (MN 21 A1)

A2 Stu & Brew (MN23 B2)

B1 Funky Monkey (Danny Casseau Remix) (Fined)
B2 Funky Monkey (Orig)

Daddy's got hits Vol 3/3

A1 Squeaky Rubber Dummies (MN18 A2)

A2 Phat.Boy (Fined)

B1 Zapping (DJ Bam Bam) (Fined)

B2 Zapping (Orig)

On Toxic Records (4 releases 4 later)

In die gest e on

Furious B's

Looney Tune

Morning Sickness


18-05-2004, 02:50 PM
Doesn`t really get checked out much this forum ey Mig?

I think everyone just does all this stuff in the hardtechno/clubtechno forum still.


dan the acid man
18-05-2004, 07:49 PM
im here having a look but it is very quiet

18-05-2004, 10:49 PM
Humm the all idea of this part when I sugested 2 Mark was 2 have a area here people could post they're releases, feats, news, bios etc.. so other forum members could check out what U do and who u r... Of course not every1 will do it.. but if I check a couple of yer posts and u say somethin interesting that makes sense then I wanna check yer work... here u go...

Or if I wanna know where Mark Eg is djing etc...

Sure a lot of people have they're homepages but not every1 does and not every1 will feel like going and have a look!

So basically this is the place where u can shine yer own kno* errrr... if u know what I mean lol

.................................................. .................................................. .....


V/A – Dead on Arrival I – Psycho Shoxxs 01


A1: Arkus p. - business Life ------ listen here http://www.ff.basskilla.org/previews/PSYCHOSHOXX001/A1_arkusp_buisness_life.mp3
B1 – Evil Concussion - Bloodbrain
B2 – DJ Ze` Mig L.

Format: 12”
Cat.Nr.: Psycho 001
Style : Chicago techno monsters
Release Date: 21/06/04

Product / Artist Information:

The days become more briefly, the nights longer, the clubs more fully and the sound harder and more distorted. Exactly into this pattern release number 001 on Psycho Shoxxs Recordings, the limited Thrill Production Sub label fits. On the A-side Arkus P. with its ice-cold breath become music convinces us, with which the world solidifies. An impressing sound window blind takes prisoner the listener and offers no more the width of a slit for a small, warm light view. Speed-moderately the whole moves around the 150 BPM. Also on the b-side there are crunchy Techno from the label boss Evil Concussion & Ze` Mig L from Portugal, genuinely, with bite sound, which seeks out and on the Floor calls one in each corner of the location. A plate, consistently from first to to the last groove!!!




29-05-2004, 04:16 PM
Release : probably end Jul

Cat.Nr. : MN6532
Title : Daddy’s got hits Vol 1
Artist : DJ Zé Mig.L

A1 Mind yer Manners (Auralizer vs Dexter W. Remix) 06’20

A2 Mind yer Manners (Original Mix) 06’30

B1 Messy as L. 08’16´

B2 F.I. Genio 04’43

29-05-2004, 04:33 PM
The finished 12" are finally here!

Out thru Neuton in about 3-4 weeks!


Get'em while they're hot ;) ! :(


31-05-2004, 09:20 PM
If any of the board members is from Switzerland b sure 2 check out the Mont-terri project 5. on the 12th of June, I'll B djing along with debasser (live) and Cynthia Stern, BoomChich (live) and V-To...

check the site for all the info ....


C yaz


04-06-2004, 03:49 PM
Out in about 2 months



go BUY, if u lik'em! ;)


08-06-2004, 10:15 AM
DJ Ze MigL Top 10

05/ 2003

1 - OK ROcks ?-?-?/ DJ Mem & Dro San Nasty Colour 001&002
2 - Umek Hivid/ DJ Omega DataBass
3 - Global Matador 2
4 - DJ Preach No War in The Summer ITurnem 14
5 - Martin Hare - Chancer 04
6 - Blimp Heaven Ep - Framework Ep FW 18
7 - Giant& Dwarf 2 / Max Walder Luup 16
8 - SPGroove 03 / Alex Kowalski Emtec by BMB
9 - Paul Birken degression mode EP Don't 4
10 - DJ Ze MigL Toxic19/ Minimalistix32/ Sniper8/ Psych Shoxx1


08-06-2004, 10:16 AM
PS - n.5 I would have devided with Mark H. New World Order MNX002!!


The Overfiend
10-06-2004, 11:03 AM
I thought I had a long meditteranean name, you won
Jose Miguel Efigenio Da Silva

10-06-2004, 07:52 PM
eheheh guilty!!! I take the prize :(