A1. Burn The House Down – Mike Humphries remix
A2. Burn The House Down – Original

B1. Ignite IT – TCP ‘Stay Clean’ remix
B2. Ignite IT - Original

Release date: February 2007
Cat no: TCP007
Distributor: ProActive Music Management
Tracks written and produced by Richard Wilkinson, Leeds 2006*
*A1 Remix and additional production Mike Humphries, Leeds 2006
*B1 Remix and additional production Thomas Christopher and Steve Payne, Bristol 2007

Bristol based TCP Recordings return for 2007 with another quality release, which yet again showcases the label’s penchant for diversity in sound. This is the first release from an artist other than label owners Christopher or Payne.

Loved across the globe for his unique style, one of techno’s most prolific producers ‘Ignition Technician’ takes the helm with two new compositions. “Ignite IT” and “Burn The House Down” are straight for the jugular banging techno offerings. Both remixes are completely fresh takes on the originals, one from TC+P, and the other from legendary producer Mike Humphries.

A1. Burn The House Down – Mike Humphries remix
Humphries is the daddy of techno producers (say TC+P) and this remix outlines why he is so well respected. Top-notch production all round, featuring a huge warm sound that will drive a club sound system on every frequency

A2. Burn The House Down – Original
A funky little number guaranteed to get you bouncing into the New Year.

B1. Ignite IT – TCP ‘Stay Clean’ remix
Christopher & Payne turn in a deep mesmerising progressive interpretation of the original, whilst still ensuring it bangs in all the right places

B2. Ignite IT – Original
Proper loop-based dance floor techno complete with early Hardcore Techno sample, this is Ignition Technicians stomping ground.