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    Default Tonights Entertainment

    Tonights boxing between David Haye & Derek Chisora; think it's on around 10p.m. (If anyone gets a good stream post it up!!)
    There is also the Khan fight but that is on way too late for me.

    I hope Khan wins.
    Not too sure who will win Haye vs Chisora but Chisora did a lot better against Klitschko than Haye did. They are both fannies of the highest order but it should be entertaining nevertheless.
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    wasnt a bad fight,an its always good to see a fight finish with jelly legs! haye needs to fight vitali now but take the fight to him not be the scared little by boy he was last time,he got nothin to lose..

    an khan everyone knew he had a glass jaw there was no chance of him fightin maywether he would get owned. the only other fight people want to see in the boxing world is pacman v maywether which will probably never happen...
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