30 anniversary release Energun Records label represents music creators - the project Energun
Tracks Energun - It is always a dance hits, with a delicate symbiosis oldscool sound and the latest trends in music production. This techno with a capital letter, which in addition to constant surprises in the dance floor, looking at the listener's head thread of man-made madness and urban lifestyle.
"Parallel". What words can try to describe this track? Dry bits. Dry sound. Dry desert landscape sound space. Dry as consistency sound palette. Dry as parallel lines in the drawing.
"Motive". The track is based on the increasing pace of the bass sound palette. Pumps the bass line and a bit of techno give conditions for this techno thriller.
"Overview of required data" psychedelic melodies that track, into a deep space of prime numbers, and numbers. Data is the foundation! Figure is the basis of the data!
"Welcome to my brain" every person living in the style of techno like to know what is going on in the head of the one who writes techno. Welcome to our brain technoid Energun!!! The track is completely immersed in the brain cortex of the project. All that is hidden from view everything that is happening inside.


release date: 8-04-2013