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    Default Michael Schwarz dark rolling techno please help !!

    Hello, I want to ask how to make a sound like a Michael Schwarz

    Here is a sample


    I'm interested in a lot of kick and bassline, and the overall structure of the song, thanks for help:-)

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    Hi thermit,
    to get that rolling sound you might try duplicating your kick stem,
    then trim a tiny bit off the start of each kick sample, just to take away some of the punch.
    Then add reverb to it till you get a bassy rumble with a tail that decays before the nxt kick is triggered.
    Then eq the top end off so it's all low. also a little saturation might work
    you can move the copied kicks/bass around in the mix if it sounds any better.

    There is a half decent tutorial on YouTube on this. I will try find it for you :)



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