Middlesbrough may not seem to be the central hub for house and tech music but you would be naive to think so. For 10 years Lee Pennington has been hosting an event he built up himself along side his friends who had a similar taste and view on electronic music. They brought their idea of an underground house and tech night which they had experienced first hand and created a home for all house lovers. In the low roofed underground floor in Medcine Bar, riffraff was born.

They celebrated their 10th birthday in 2013 in the biggest club in the the UK, Fabric, and most recently at their long running event at Medicine bar they played host to Fabrics long serving resident DJ, Craig Richards.

We were lucky enough to be there and we also got a few words from Lee himself who gave us more details on how the night went from being their ideal dream event, to an actual reality.

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