Wow! its been a long time since i graced these pages but that's about to change...

'ive been away and been working on different material under a different Guise called Sergio Vilas -
the short of it is i have a release for RSD2018 which I'm extremely ecstatic about. The info is below and if
you feel you would like a copy then please harass you local independent record shop to get it from my distributor Intense

i feel a bit bad because it feels like a cheat coming on here after such a long time and plugging my new track, so by all means have a go at me but for many reasons
i had to stay away from techno and forums for a couple of years but i hope to be back..

Heres the info

Clips can be found on my soundcloud page here

if you do support it then I would be over the moon but if its not your thing then no worries..

thanks for reading