The Anxious

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The Anxious are Mark Anxious and Chrissi Blackout, who have been producing under this name since 1998. Their sound is characteristically dark and uncompromising, with a musical message that many have imitated, but failed to deliver. They burst onto the techno scene with a series of punishing releases on some of the worlds top electronic labels of the time, as well as their own Blackout Audio imprint.

Tuomas Rantanen

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Tuomas Rantanen comes from Finland and his musical style is dark industrial techno. He has created his own unique form of musical expression, where strong driving percussions and rhythms combine with cold, dark atmospheres and ambient textures.

Inigo Kennedy

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Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ. He is well known for bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work. He is the owner of the innovative and genre defying label Asymmetric. His discography stretches to almost 100 releases on vinyl, CD and as MP3. His DJ schedule has taken him to all corners of the World.

Space DJz

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There are few DJ's and producers in the modern techno world who can truly claim to have pioneered a sound and call it their own. Such statements are often declared, but rarely justified. In the case of Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire , the names behind the revered Space DJz, this claim would be unarguable.

Glenn Wilson

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Glenn’s evolution into the electronica scene came after being influenced by the electro, hip hop and break-dance movement that swept the UK during the 80’s. The sounds and beats from the likes of Bambaataa, together with documentaries about the New York Bronx’s Zulu Nation and movies like Beat Street soon isolated Glenn from the mainstream music his friend’s were listening too at the time.

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