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Barbara Bonfiglio, better known as Misstress Barbara (the misspelling is an intentional portmanteau ), is an Italian-born, Canadian electronica disc jockey. Born in 1975, she moved from Sicily to Montreal, Quebec at the age of eight, and has resided in the city ever since. She has also produced and DJ'd house music under the alias Barbara Brown, and has used the alias My Prada Heels.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the Université du Québec à Montréal. After drumming in bands since the age of twelve, she began DJing in 1995 and established Relentless Records in 1999. In 2001 she released the mix album Relentless Beats (EQ Recordings), with a second volume the following year, along with two mix albums for Trust the DJ. In 2003, to avoid legal issues with a UK company of the same name, she established ITURNEM. Early success includes her song "Never Could Have Your Heart" being licensed in Rockstar Games' arcade racing video game Midnight Club II. In 2006, she reelased the mix album Come with Me....

Recorded: 22nd February 2006

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