BOA Radio Show 016 | DJ Hal

Posted in The Blackout Audio Radio Show

Tirelessly working on the scientific exploration of human frequency response to unlock the secrets of future world harmony, DJ Hal takes time out each lunar cycle, to return to earth and entertain his ever growing army of fans.

Whilst performing, DJ Hal journeys through a world of electronic beats that leaves few stones unturned, eclectic, but still focused with the skill to maintain dance floor intensity, he takes the assembled masses on a journey of electro acid discovery. His ultra positive attitude and boundless energy are effortlessly transferred to his audience via the music, creating magical moments of delirious joy and inspiration.

Techno and House are both common place on his dance floor, carefully woven together in a fusion unique to Hal. He knows that it is essential to create an exotic and intoxicating blend of rhythms that defies the gravity of closed minds.

DJ Hals energy, and elation inducing turntable antics, are already spreading across Europe and America, and threatening to encompass the world. For it is his ability to mesmerise with his musical invasion of the senses, that is proving irresistible wherever he lands.

Recorded: 5th April 2006

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