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Born in the 1970s in southwest Detroit, he grew up in the Hispanic district heavily influenced by his cultural latin rhythms and percussion. Encouraged from an early age by his musician father, he pursued his own interest in music and became well known and respected within the community. It was later when he heard Jeff Mills as "The Wizard" that he discovered the innovative sounds of Techno. Through a mutual friend he was introduced to "Mad" Mike Banks and promptly became a member of the enigmatic Underground Resistance crew.

Soon his first opportunity came to cross the Atlantic and his speedy proficiency on the turntables wowed audiences worldwide earning him respect and notoriety within the industry as a whole. 'Knights of The Jaguar' although not Rolando's first release on UR turned perceptions of Techno on their head, breaking into other genres of dance music and becoming a classic in the boxes of DJs such as Tenaglia, Morillo, Oakenfold and Gilles Peterson. With the ensuing battle against corporate goliath's Sony - the battle was morally won by sheer determination of the small independent label and the steadfast support of fans worlwide. 

In more recent times, he and Gerald Mitchell created the label 'Los Hermanos' ('The Brothers' in Spanish) - the sound continuing on the themes and tones set in place by his own "Knights of The Jaguar". 

As of January 2005, citing creative differences and a chance to progress, Rolando left both Underground Resistance and the Los Hermanos project.

Recorded: 26 April 2006

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